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Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth decay is the most prominent health concern of patients in the United States. This statistic remains true across all age ranges and social stratum. Given how prominent this concern is in our country, everyone should take steps to prevent its advance. In previous years the prominent approach to tooth decay came in amalgam fillings. These fillings comprised an alloy of silver, mercury, and other metals. Modern dentistry has started transitioning to using dental composite to address tooth decay. Find out why Buckhead Dental Group is joining this movement in Atlanta, GA.

How Composite Bonding Beats Out Amalgam

One of the motivating forces behind the transition from amalgam to composite bonding is aesthetic. Amalgam’s silvery color makes them very noticeable, even under casual observation. Composite bonding can be tinted to match the natural color of the patient’s teeth. This means that bonding can be used even in the mouth’s anterior (front) parts to address decay without impacting the appearance of the patient’s smile.

Additionally, amalgams, among other components, contain mercury, a toxic element. While mercury appears to be stable in the amalgam and does not appear to affect the patient, there were disposal concerns. These factors led to the rise of composite bonding as the restoration material of choice.

Composite bonding is composed of a special dental resin that blends acrylic and ceramic particles to create a durable material. This composite material is easily molded and shaped during placement but hardens to a near-enamel strength consistency after curing. Its malleable nature also means that it can perfectly fit the shape of the space within the tooth to ensure a bacteria-resistant seal. Other benefits include:

  • Composite resin can be colored and contoured to create a natural appearance
  • Less material has to be removed before the resin can be affixed
  • Composite resin also includes fluoride, helping to strengthen the teeth further after placement
  • Cold and hot sensitivity is less, a common problem with amalgam fillings
  • Metal allergies aren’t a problem as they are with some amalgam patients

Each of these factors has led to the advance of composite resins in dental practices across the country. Our team can also use them to replace amalgam fillings. Amalgam tends to impact the surrounding dental tissue, making them weaker. The fillings also break down over time, becoming weaker and prone to falling out. This can make treated teeth more susceptible to infection.

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The process for receiving composite fillings is simple and starts with a call to our clinic. Our team will get you in for a consultation and exam. We’ll discuss treatment options and work with you to determine the right approach for your family and budget. When the treatment is complete, you’ll discover a beautiful smile that doesn’t show any evidence of restoration. Call us today to begin!

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