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Periodontal Treatment

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Of all medical concerns, tooth decay is among the most prominent in the United States. Second only to this condition is periodontal disease. Millions of United States patients are impacted by this desease every year. In most patients, the condition is mild, known as gingivitis. When it advances, it is known as periodontal disease and represents a lasting risk to the patient’s oral health. Buckhead Dental Group is dedicated to helping our patient’s families prevent gum disease and treat it effectively. Learn more about how our clinic helps to protect your oral health.

Periodontal Or Gum Disease Treatment

There are some familiar signs of gum disease that we can all recognize. Some are tender gums that are puffy or bleed when you brush them. In more advanced cases, the bacteria will cause the gums to separate from the teeth near the roots. The visible evidence of this is known as ‘pocketing’. Pockets pose risks to your oral health. These pockets are excellent places for bacteria and food debris to hide. It is quite difficult to clean tooth surfaces inside pockets. They also expose the more delicate dental roots, allowing decay to set in. With immediate and appropriate treatment, we can address gum disease and help restore oral health.

  • Professional Cleaning – A common part of any dental visit is professional cleaning. This is a thorough process using specialized equipment to eliminate bio-films that contain bacteria in all areas of the mouth. With regular professional cleaning, a thorough dental hygiene routine, and no additional health factors, this can be enough to prevent gum disease. It’s also effective in counteracting mild cases of gum disease.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – This more advanced cleaning process eliminates bacteria and biofilm from below the gum line. The root’s surface is smoothed or “planed” to help prevent bacteria from reforming there. This can help the gums reattach to root.
  • Periodontal Surgery – Our team may suggest a surgical approach when these two treatments fail to address gum disease. Periodontal surgery eliminates remaining gingival pockets. Several cases may be referred to periodontists, who are specialists in treating gum diseases.

When these approaches have thoroughly addressed your gum disease, it’s essential to maintain a regular dental hygiene routine. This means flossing once a day, brushing twice daily, and using other devices that may helpful. We will suggest oral health care practices that are tailored for your specific needs. You will also require a regular schedule of seeing our dental team twice a year or more. With consistent and thorough dental care, we can reverse the onset of periodontal disease and prevent its return.

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Even with an in-depth dental hygiene routine, advanced gum disease won’t disappear without help. Professional treatment helps to address the underlying concerns and promotes healing. Call us to arrange an exam and consultation today.

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