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Crowns and Bridges

Patients will always play an active role in deciding how they want their smile to look and feel. Our treatments are always coupled with up-to-date research and expertise to ensure that your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Call us at (404) 261-5388 learn more.

Dental crown premolar tooth assembly process.

When dental decay becomes advanced, it may not be possible to address it with dental fillings. At that stage, it may be necessary to use crowns or bridges to restore a full, healthy smile. Buckhead Dental Group strives to provide restoration options for patients who have had teeth extracted or are suffering from advanced decay. While similar, these restorations are used to address different concerns our patients face. We strive to provide effective dental care for all our patients so they can have a smile they’re proud to share.

Understanding The Benefits of Bridges and Crowns

When a tooth has become significantly damaged, our team may suggest using bridges or crowns to restore stability. Our team may also address large cavities, fractured teeth, and similar severe cases of damage or decay with these treatments. We offer both forms of restoration and often use them hand in hand to improve your dental health care outcome.

  • Crowns – This method is common when a single tooth has become significantly damaged. They are applied by removing much of the remaining dental material to create a mounting point. This is used to mount a prosthetic tooth known as a crown to replace your natural tooth. This prevents the advance of decay, protects from infection, and resolves instability within the tooth. Crowns can be made of porcelain, metal, and composite materials. The ultimate goal is to restore your smile’s function, stability, and appearance.
  • Bridges – Bridges are a restoration used when a gap is formed between two remaining teeth. These remaining teeth are mounted with crowns and are the support for a prosthetic that replaces the missing tooth between them. Bridges come in a variety of styles. Which one our team uses in your care will depend on the specific details of your oral health concerns.

We have an in-house dental lab that makes it more efficient to produce crowns and bridges. This also means that our patients don’t have to come back for an additional appointment to ensure your restorations are shaped and colored properly. We also use various national and local dental laboratories to produce your restoration. The process may need to begin with a thorough professional cleaning. Following that, you’ll receive a dental impression that our labs will use to produce your crown or bridge. This impression will be sent out to the dental lab, and our team will put a temporary crown in place until it is returned. Once returned, the temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent one put in its place. Our team will discuss the exact materials and restoration style during a consultation visit.

Buckhead Dental Group Is Your Crown And Bridge Provider

From our offices in Atlanta, GA, Buckhead Dental Group services our growing patient family. Our team is trained and experienced in restorative care for patients with complex oral health concerns. Reach out to our clinic to arrange a dental exam and consultation. Following your exam, you’ll discuss your treatment options with your dentist and decide which approach to restoration is right for you. Don’t let extracted or damaged teeth keep you from having a smile you’ll be proud to share with the world. Call us today and get started!

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