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Clear Aligner Dental Night Guard For Teeth

Our dentists at Buckhead Dental Group have multiple treatment options to help you gain a healthier, happier smile. Among the many treatments we offer at our practice, our team can provide dental appliances, including night guards, sports guards, and other types of mouth guards to protect your teeth. If you experience sleeping or tooth grinding issues or play a sport, our dentists may recommend a mouthguard to maintain your teeth’s enamel and keep it healthy.

Types of Mouthguards at Buckhead Dental Group

Mouth guards, night guards, and sports guards are excellent preventative tools for situations that can cause injury to your teeth and gums. While our enamel is stronger than our bones, damage can easily occur in several ways. Our team will provide you with multiple options to help you with your oral health concerns, including

  • Night Guards: People who experience sleep disorders, nighttime bruxism, and other persistent problems that interfere with sleep can wear nightguards. Night guards are used to prevent loss of tooth enamel and restoration surfaces from grinding and clenching, nighttime headaches, TMJ disorder pain, and other conditions that cause issues with sleep.
  • Sports Guards: Sports guards are mouth guards that aim to protect your teeth and gums from injury during sports or intense physical activity. These mouth guards can also be developed to be fitted over your braces and can be replaced every six months for replacements.
  • Mouth Guards: Other types of mouth guards can be developed for treating other conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. In other cases, it can be used to provide support for misaligned teeth, prevent bruxism, and help any traumatic injuries to the jaws and teeth heal over time.

While most mouthguards can be purchased over the counter, having a customized mouthguard can provide you with substantial benefits. Custom-fitted mouth guards and other dental appliances can be used to reduce the risk of concussions, prevent jaw fractures, provide better sleep, and overall improve your oral health. These devices can be used for those of all ages, and when you work with our team, we will provide you with an extensive list of mouth guards for better protection from teeth grinding, poor quality sleep, and traumatic sports injuries.

Why Choose Buckhead Dental Group?

Buckland Dental Group maintains an ongoing commitment to serving our patients. This means that through visiting our team, we can provide you with preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures using the latest technology to keep your mouth cavity-free and healthy. For more information about our mouth guard options and what you can do to protect your teeth, schedule an appointment with our practice today to learn more!

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