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Dental Bonding

Patients will always play an active role in deciding how they want their smile to look and feel. Our treatments are always coupled with up-to-date research and expertise to ensure that your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Call us at (404) 261-5388 learn more.

Tooth restoration with filling and polymerization lamp. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration.

Our teeth can become significantly damaged due to poor oral hygiene practices, trauma, or disease. One popular approach to treating dental health concerns is cosmetic bonding. This treatment uses a unique malleable material that can be shaped to address chips, gapping, or misalignment of teeth. Its ability to be tinted to match natural tooth color makes it an excellent approach for severe dental staining. It’s a durable, affordable, and effective method of dental restoration. We’re proud to offer dental bonding at Buckhead Dental Group in Atlanta, GA.

Take Advantage Of Cosmetic Bonding From Buckhead Dental Group

Dental crowns, bridges, and fillings are practical approaches to dental restoration when the damage has become severe. When mouth conditions are not so severe, cosmetic bonding can be a useful approach.. It’s easy to apply, requiring very little prep work. It’s also inexpensive and capable of simultaneously addressing multiple minor dental health issues. Many of our patients feel enhanced self-esteem after receiving dental bonding treatments.

Composite resins have played a role in dentistry for the last 50 years. Throughout this time, they have become effective and successful and have supplanted amalgam fillings as the preferred approach to restoration dentistry. The many benefits of receiving dental composite resin bonding include:

  • Aesthetics – Composite resins are acrylic and ceramic compounds that provide an aesthetic advantage over amalgams. Our team can carefully mold them to match the shape of your natural teeth. They can also be tinted to ensure they don’t stand out when you smile.
  • Stability – Composite resins are known to be stable and practical. Once placed, they can remain effective for many years. The stable nature of these composites makes them excellent solutions for cracks, stains, chips, and other esthetic concerns you may face. They can last through years of normal use when addressing imperfections and restoring the structure in your smile.
  • Alternative Value – Amalgams have been falling out of favor in the dental industry for many reasons. While safe for the patient, they are comprised of toxic materials and can weaken neighboring dental tissues. On the other hand, dental bonding has a long lifetime and is resistant to wear-and-tear and staining of teeth.
  • Cost Effective – Dental bonding is more inexpensive than many other restoration options. This makes it more approachable for patients working on a budget. In many cases, this form of restoration may also be covered by dental insurance providers.

These benefits have made bonding a popular choice among patients looking for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing solution to dental restoration.

Get Your Cosmetic Dental Bonding At Buckhead Dental Group

Dental patients in the Atlanta, GA, area know they can rely on our clinic for providing effective dental care. We’re proud to represent our community and stand as one of the most respected providers in the area. If you have inquiries or concerns about your oral health, come see us! Start by calling our office to schedule a time to come in. We’ll perform a full dental exam and discuss your oral health concerns during your visit.

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