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Dental Emergencies

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Having a dental accident isn’t uncommon, especially in younger patients. Those who live active lifestyles also tend to have a higher rate of dental trauma. These events can also be more common among those with certain orthodontic concerns. Buckhead Dental Group is dedicated to helping its patient family get the care they need when accidents occur. Immediate treatment can help alleviate the long-term risks resulting from untreated dental injury.

Getting Dental Emergency Care At Buckhead Dental Group

Experiencing a dental injury can be a painful and stressful experience. While many of us know a limited degree of first aid for common injuries, there’s little information about how to respond to a dental injury. We must understand how to respond to dental emergencies to ensure our smiles remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. Any damage to your teeth or gums must be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

  • Toothaches – Having a toothache is a definite dental emergency. Tooth pain may result from decay, nerve damage from extensive previous dental restoration, chips and fractions existing in the teeth, and dental trauma. Insomnia, difficulty focusing, and even bruxism can result when you’re experiencing dental pain. See our team as soon as possible.
  • Tooth Displacement – While having a tooth knocked out isn’t incredibly common; it’s important to know what to do when it does. Saving a tooth that has been knocked out is usually possible, provided that you act quickly. The following steps can help preserve the tooth until you get to your dentist:
    • Avoid touching the root portion.
    • Pick up the tooth gently by the crown.
    • Rinse it with cool water to eliminate dirt and debris
    • Adults can gently push the tooth back into its socket.
    • If this isn’t possible, or a child is involved, tuck it into a cheek or put it in a glass of milk.
    • Keep the tooth moist on the way to the dentist, and go immediately.
  • Dental Infections – It’s important to take incidents of dental infection seriously. They’re not just a minor concern; they can indicate a serious risk to your oral health. Infection can destroy jawbone tissue, gum tissue, and dental tissue. They can even become life-threatening in extreme cases if the infection enters the bloodstream.

See Us for Your Dental Emergency Needs

A call to our office should be your first move when a dental emergency occurs. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and the damage that occurred. Our team may use dental imaging to better view the damage or provide other guidance. During your emergency visit, you will receive treatment, followed by scheduling a follow-up visit to take any necessary steps. Don’t hesitate to come see us when an emergency occurs!

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