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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Following years of dental procedures and a parade of different practitioners, patients often wind up with multiple types of repairs done to their mouths. Patients may decide that they need an oral overhaul when reaching this point. Full mouth reconstruction, or rehabilitation, focuses on eliminating and improving existing dental work, such as crowns, fillings, veneers, and similar treatments. These restorations are removed, and more effective modern approaches are used to replace them. Full mouth reconstruction seeks to eliminate tooth decay, improve the bite, and enhance overall dental health. by treating the mouth as whole.

How We Approach Full Mouth Reconstruction At Buckhead Dental Group

Every patient’s experience with dental reconstruction will vary based on the oral health care they’ve received. Dental crowns, fillings, extractions, bridges, and veneers can come together to look like a patchwork fix. The results may not fit the oral ergonomics of the patient, and even the components of the previous restorations may have become a bit of patchwork. 

Our teeth experience natural erosion throughout our lives. Conditions such as stress or sickness can make this wear and tear more pronounced, with bruxism being a primary culprit. This condition causes patients to grind their teeth, most commonly during the night while they sleep. However, it can also be a subconscious habit throughout the day. Bruxism can result in teeth becoming chipped or cracked. It can also cause the enamel to thin, making teeth more susceptible to decay. It can also cause dental sensitivity and TMJ pain.

When multiple concerns are present simultaneously, it’s often best to utilize full mouth reconstructions. This includes the use of multiple approaches to reconstruction. Some options available include:

  • Ongoing Treatment – This process may require several years to complete. The entire approach will involve multiple treatments from multiple disciplines. Crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, and root canals are just a few examples. The underlying oral health concerns will affect the time it takes to complete the reconstruction.
  • Multi-Week Treatment – In most cases, a full mouth reconstruction will be accomplished in just a few weeks. During this treatment period, the various ailments in your oral cavity will be addressed, correcting malocclusion, tooth decay, and other problems. Additionally, our team will apply any necessary restorations such as fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges or other forms of reconstruction.
  • Bite and Jaw Repositioning – This is the most comprehensive form of full mouth reconstruction. Rather than merely addressing problems involving the teeth and gums, the whole oral structure is treated. This can include orthodontic care or surgical correction to correct misaligned bites. It can even involve treatments that aim to reduce the presence of aging.

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