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Tooth Extractions / Oral Surgery

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Saving teeth is always our top priority at Buckhead Dental Group. However, in scenarios where a tooth is damaged beyond repair, then tooth extractions may be your best resource. We provide tooth extraction services and work to ensure a comfortable, pain-free experience when your tooth can’t be saved. When the tooth requires more extensive means of extraction, our dentists can provide oral surgery to remove the affected tooth and provide alternatives for treatment.

Simple vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

Certain situations can lead to a tooth needing an extraction, especially when there is extensive trauma, extensive tooth decay, tooth crowding, and Orthodontic treatment. Also, infected teeth that don’t respond to treatments such as root canal therapy or bone graft treatments may need extraction. Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted if they’re impacted or may they cause issues with tooth alignment that can lead to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

At Buckhead Dental Group, our dentists can perform simple and oral surgical extractions. Simple extractions are performed when the tooth is visible above the gum line and can be easily accessed. However, when the tooth is impacted, trapped inside the jaw, surgical extractions are needed.

The Steps For Our Tooth Extraction Procedures

Our team at Buckhead Dental Group will perform tooth extractions under the following steps:

  • Initial Cleaning and Exam: During your initial appointment, our dentists will identify and diagnose any existing health problems, review medications that you are taking or that may be used and discuss with you potential treatment plans.
  • Tooth Extraction Procedures: Any teeth that require extraction will be removed using the simple extraction method. This method involves administering a local anesthetic, loosening the tooth’s attachment to the gum tissues, and extracting the tooth completely with appropriate instruments.
  • Oral Surgery Procedures: When the tooth has more complex issues, oral surgery can be performed to remove the tooth. These procedures may involve making incisions, sectioning and removing teeth in portions, occasionally removing small amounts of bone around the tooth, surfacing, and using special dressings.
  • Restoration Placement: Once the surgical area has completely healed, patients with a restorative treatment plan will be able to prepare for their restoration to replace the missing tooth.
  • Recovery: During the recovery stage, extra care and follow-up appointments will be used to help keep track of our patient’s health and make sure the area heals correctly.

For more information about our oral surgical procedures, types of restorations we offer, and other factors related to our methods for extraction and restorative treatment, contact Buckhead Dental Group today and schedule an appointment.

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